Welcome to Spiritual-Journeys

Welcome! My name is Ali and it is my aim to help you on your journey through life. That journey might be to help you to relax, to find joy, peace, comfort, or help you to open up to new possibilities and directions.

 I find energy fascinating, a part of everything around us - the vibration of molecules that make us, that makes the chair we sit in, the car we ride in, the food we eat. Smaller still, the energies created by the attractions between the negative and positive pull in atoms. Further still we as human beings can feel energy – through the electromagnetic field surrounding us called our aura. We’re able to detect good and bad atmospheres when walking into rooms, we have “gut” feelings and intuition. With training and direction we can learn to tap into all these energies around us and use them for healing and coping with this world.

I love using these energies and offer the following therapies tailored to the individual, couple or group - to aid relaxation, find peace and offer comfort, or bring joy back into our lives:


Sound Therapies

Kansa Wand Treatments

Reiki and Aromatherapy

Laughter Yoga


Card Readings

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