Frequently Asked Questions

A soundbath is about being bathed in sounds from instruments, Crystal and Tibetan bowls and music. You can sit or lie down to experience it and all you have to do is close your eyes and relax and listen. It is best to have an attitude of “no expectations, no limitations” which will allow you to experience the sounds in the present moment and to let go, without expecting this or that is going to occur. Every soundbath is different, and every experience is also different.

It works on an emotional, mental and physical level. The soundwaves bounce around and hit your body. The vibrations then speed up as they encounter the water in our cells. Sound travels faster in water and therefore the vibrations increase which aid the release of nitric oxide into the bloodstream. This relaxes the blood vessels which reduces blood pressure (which is why you need a blanket to keep you warm as your body temperature will drop slightly). This also has an effect in the brain, altering the brain waves from a beta state, through to alpha and then theta state which is pre-sleep/meditation state. The result is that you feel calm and relaxed which allows rest, relaxation and healing to occur in the body. It can induce a dream like state where you may encounter colours, memories, release emotions etc but feel you are awake but may actually be asleep! Afterwards people tell me how it made them feel and what they experienced during it, and later I’ve then had reports back, telling me that they had a brilliant night’s sleep after it, felt uplifted, were less anxious, had feelings of calm for days afterwards, and some have reported pain relief. There have been many scientific studies done relating to sound therapy and many benefits have been reported in their findings.

Yes! Even if you fall asleep the vibrations are still working on your body. It is better to try to stay awake if you can but there is no harm to sleeping. The only proviso is that if there is any snoring, then you may receive a gentle tug on your toes to bring you back. If you listen to a soundtrack of a soundbath, you will experience relaxation and calm, but the body receives healing from the vibrations directly.

Since the body experiences a change in its rhythms, then it is not suitable for anyone who has a pacemaker. It is best avoided in pregnancy as the vibrations have the affect of increasing toxins being released from the cells as though you have had a massage or therapy. Although this is not harmful in itself, it is better to avoid this potential effect on the body especially when a woman is going through such a special time – better to wait until the baby has arrived and the soundbath can then be used for rest and relaxation. Care also needs to be taken for anyone going through any heavy treatments to avoid the potential of extra toxin burden to them, as their bodies are already coping with a lot. If anyone is sound sensitive, suffers migraines or epilepsy – let the sound therapist know if sound is a trigger for any of those conditions.

You need to bring along something to lie on – a mat or a recliner chair if lying on the floor is not easy, plenty of cushions to be comfortable and a blanket. Some like to wear an eye mask, and some like to wear hat and gloves in cold weather. Being comfortable and warm is key to relaxing and enjoying your soundbath. Bring water to drink afterwards, and drink plenty of water for 24 hours afterwards to help flush out toxins from the body. It is also advisable to be well hydrated before you attend a soundbath, or any therapy, too. Hot chocolate is wonderful to drink after a soundbath as it will help in the grounding process as well.

Kansa Wands are metal tipped wooden wands originating from India. The metal is an alloy of copper and tin that helps the flow of blood and lymph in the body. It’s a traditional massage tool used in the Ayurvedic tradition that gently stimulates the marma points and meridians of the body – similar to the acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine. The massage can be performed directly on the skin using an oil to lubricate the skin, allowing the wand to glide easily, or it can be done through light clothing, except for the face and feet. It has a pH balancing effect on the skin and due to the piezoelectricity effect from pressure on the underlying tissues, can have a slight lifting effect on the face. It is a very relaxing treatment and can make the person feel very light at the end.

No. A Kansa Wands treatment is very gentle and safe for everyone.

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